FletchAir, Inc.
Description Part# Item Desc Price
R101 AA1 series engine upgrade STC to O-290 or O-320.
R102 AA1 Series gross weight (to be used with engine upgrade STC)  
R501 AA5/AA5A O-320 High compression Piston upgrade STC  
  FletchAir has acquired a majority of the STC's from Aviation Developement  
R507 Split Nose Cowl STC '75 Traveler, AA5A and AA5B  
R507-1 Split Nose Cowl STC '72 - '74 Traveler  
R108 Split Nose Cowl STC AA1 through AA1B  
R1081 Split Nose Cowl STC AA1C  
R106 Hinged upper engine cowling STC for AA1 through AA1C. Provides convenient access to engine compartment from the top without having to remove the top engine cowling.