FletchAir, Inc.
Description Part# Item Desc Price
ENGINE ACCESSORIES P216 Vacuum Pump Rebuilt 211CC or 212CW. Requires Core Deposit. State whether 211CC or 212CW required. Warranty:
1 Year or 1000 hours, whichever comes first.
P217 New Vacuum Pump Alternate for 211CC. Requires Core Deposit
Has cooling fans to increase life and a wear port to observe wear!
P258 Filter for Main Vacuum System
Replace every 400 hours.
P259 Filter for Vacuum regulator.
Replace every 100 hours
P222 Alternator Belt All AA1's and AA5's  
P523 "U-shaped" alternator bracket For AA5's with Ford-type alternator  
INTAKE DUCTS 5503004-1 Intake Duct for '75 AA5 Traveler and all AA5A's
Complies with SB 175

Intake Duct for AA5B Tiger

This is the original duct for your AA5B

P229 Intake Duct for AA1A - AA1C, And '72-'74 Traveler  
MISC DUCTS & HOSES SCAT6 Defroster Duct 1 _" x 36"  
MIL-H-6000-3/4" Crankcase vent hose 2 feet required  
P135 Engine Mount Bushings AA1-0433 through AA1B 8 each required. Solid Rubber with metal shroud. LORD"  
60592 Gasket, Carb to Engine AA1 series  
66224 Gasket, Carb to Engine AA5 and AA5A  
77154 Gasket, Carb to Engine AA5B  
5503009-1 Gasket, Carb to Airbox AA5B  
ENGINE REPAIR SL18109A-S Oil Pump Impeller Gear Kit AA1 - GA7
Complies with AD 95-19-15
75906 Cork Valve Cover Gasket AA1 - GA7  
BA75906 Silicone Valve Cover Gasket AA1 - GA7  
71973 Gasket, Top Intake Tube AA1 - GA7  
STD1196 Hose, Intake Tube AA1 - AA5A  
69603 Hose, Intake Tube AA5B and GA7  
18661 Seal, Push Rod Tube Inner AA1 - GA7  
70310 Seal, Push Rod Tube, Outer AA5 - GA7  
12272 Lock Tab for Push Rod Tube AA1 - GA7  
STD2180 Hose, Oil Return AA1 - GA7  
12681 Gasket, Round, Magneto AA1 - GA7  
62224 Gasket, Oval, Magneto AA1 - GA7  
61173 Gasket, Oil Screen Housing AA1 - GA7  
12795 Gasket, Oil Filter Adapter As Required  
60096 Gasket, Mechanical Fuel Pump AA1 - GA7  
STD2217 Seal, Vacuum Pump AA1 - GA7  
61183 Gasket, Forward Vacuum Pump AA1 - GA7  
8313 Gasket, Aft Vacuum Pump AA1 - GA7  
73818 Gasket, Accessory Case Housing AA1 - GA7  
13353 Gasket, Oil Sump AA1 - GA7  
13792 Seal, Solid Front Crank shaft AA1 - GA7  
LW11997 Seal, Split, Front Crankshaft AA1 - GA7  
14620 Seal, Tach Drive AA1 - GA7  
COWLING A5940 AA5 Nose Cowling 1972 - 1974  
A5941 AA5/AA5A Nose Cowling 1975 - 1979  
A5942 AA5B Nose Cowling  
A1943 AA1B Nose Cowling Elliptical Intake s/n:0001-055  
A1690 Camlock Stud, Grommet and Snap Ring for AA1 Upper Forward Cowling Attachment  
A1961 Receptacle for A1690 Camlock  
A270 Latch, Oil Door and/or APU Door Latch  
5101030-901 Hinge Assembly, Upper 1975 AA5 - 1979 AA5B  
A2701 Spring, Cowl Latch 1975 AA5, all AA5A and AA5B  
A2702 Spring, Cowl Guide Rod 1975 AA5, all AA5A and AA5B  
A2703 Retainer, for A2702 Spring  
A731 Support Rod, Upper Cowl Doors All AA5 Series  
G2102 Baffle Seal, High Temp Silicone 3" x 9' Roll