FletchAir, Inc.
Description Part# Item Desc Price
LANDING LIGHTS 229 Landing Light cover AA1 Series, .060" thick  
228 Landing Light cover AA5 Series, .060" thick extends visibility  
R202 Single Wingtip Landing Light Kit, all AA series, STC'd  
200005-1 Lens, L/H for R202 or R203 7 _" x 10 5/8"  
200005-2 Lens, R/H for R202 or R203 7 _" x 10 5/8"  
5201181-18 Lens, R/H for AG5B 4 _" x 10 5/8"  
5201181-19 Lens, L/H for AG5B 4 _" x 10 5/8"  
L210 Landing Light Bulb, 12 volts, for nose cowling
landing lights and R202/R203 conversions kits.
L217A Bulb, AG5B wingtip landing light
Serial #AG5B-99998, 10000 - 10043 64156
01-0770346-01 Landing Light Assembly, AG5B wingtip
Serial #AG5B 10044 and subsequent
NAVIGATION POSITION LIGHTS 208 Cover, L/H navigation light Wingtip AA1 - AG5B  
209 Cover, R/H navigation light Wingtip AA1 - AG5B  
L217 Lamp, clear, nav. Light Wingtip 12-volt  
L224 Lens, Green, ,R/H nav. Light Wingtip  
L225 Lens, Red, L/H nav. Light Wingtip  
L226 Lens, Clear, Position light Tail Cone  
L212 Lamp, Clear, Position light Tail Cone 12-volt  
L201 12-volt Strobe Light Kit, Wingtips Aeroflash. Includes 2 power supplies, 2 strobe light assemblies. and switch. This Kit duplicates Grumman American factory installation Most of the Grumman American Aircraft from 1974 on were factory wired for this kit.  
L202 12-volt Power Supply, strobe, for L201 Strobe light kit.  
L203 12-volt Strobe lamp assembly with Clear lens for L201 strobe light kit.  
L204 Replacement wingtip strobe light  
L209 12-volt Lamp, clear, flashing beacon On Rudder cap  
L2091 Lens, Red, Flashing beacon On Rudder cap 111-0001  
L2093 Gasket for the L2091 lens Seals and protects the beacon  
L2092 Socket Base for L2091 lens Bulb 073-0021  
L2081 Clamp, red lens, flashing Beacon on rudder cap  
L223 Power Supply, flashing beacon Pre- 1979 Grummans  
L208 Power Supply, flashing beacon For '79 aircraft or Pre '79 modified with SK147  
B3156 "Red Rudder Cap" STC kit Replaces beacon-type rudder cap and flashing beacon light assembly with clear "aviation red" Lexan rudder cap and hardware to move beacon base/socket to top rib of rudder. Results in clean, slick modern look.  

Lamp, Instrument panel lights And dome light (12 volt)

L215 Lamp, compass lighting 12 volt  
L2161 Light shield for original "goose neck" map light assembly
272-1141A Lamp Assembly, fuel gauge 12 volt
GE73 Bulb, Alternator Warning light   
EMERGENCY LOCATOR TRANSMITTER I256 Battery for NARCO ELT-910 transmitter  
INSTRUMENTS ENGINE INDICATING I236 Hour Meter, 3-hole mount  
I237 Switch, oil pressure for Hour meter activation  
I239 Amp Meter, overhauled exchange for AA1B through AA5B


5901009-1 Fuel Quantity transmitter overhauled exchange.
Used on all AA5 series except AG5B Core Charge Applies



I2101 Compass overhaul kit. Includes diaphragm and both gaskets (No compass fluid included)