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Description Part# Item Desc Price
Service Manual AA1 Series
M101 Owner’s Manual (’69-’72) “YANKEE” AA1  
M102 Owner’s Manual (’71-‘72) “AMERICAN TRAINER” AA1A  
M103 Owner’s Manual (’73-“76) “TRAINER””TR-2” AA1B  
  M104 Pilot’s Operating Handbook (’77-“78) “T-CAT””LYNX” AA1C  
    Pilot Operating Handbook Pilot Operting Handbook  
  M105 Parts Catalog (Pre ‘77) AA1 – AA1B  
M106 Parts Catalog (’77-’79) AA1C  
M107 Service Manual (Pre ’77) AA1 Series  
M108 Maintenance Manual (’77-’78) AA1C Only  
AA5 Service Manual
M509 Owner’s Manual (’72-’74) “TRAVELER”  
M510 Owner’s Manual (’75 only) “TRAVELER”  
M511 Owner’s Manual (Pre ’77) “CHEETAH”  
M512 Pilot’s Operating Handbook (’77-’79) “CHEETAH”  
M513 Owner’s Manual (Pre ’77) AA5B “TIGER”  
Servicing Manual      
M514 Pilot’s Operating Handbook (’77-’79) AA5B “TIGER”  
M514A Pilot’s Operating Handbook & approved Flight Manual AG5B "TIGER"  
M514B Pilot Information Manual AG5B “TIGER"  
M515 Parts Catalog (Pre ’77) AA5 Series  
M516 Parts Catalog (’77-’79) AA5A/B  
M516A Parts Catalog Supplement AG5B “TIGER”  
M517 Maintenance Manual (’71-’79) AA5 Series  
M517A Maintenance Manual Supplement AG5B  
M518 Service Manual (Pre ’77)  
GA7 Service Manual
M718 Pilot’s Operating Handbook GA7 “COUGAR”  
M719 Maintenance Manual GA7 “COUGAR”  
M720 Parts Catalog GA7 “COUGAR”  
Technical Manuals M221 Set of Service Letters AA1 & AA5 SERIES  
M222 Set of Service Bulletins AA1 & AA5 SERIES  
M723 Set of Service Letters & Service Bulletins GA7 “COUGAR”  
Logbooks M246 Airframe Logbook Copy of Grumman American Original – Green  
M247 Engine Logbook Copy of Grumman American Original - Red  
Jack Pad T210

Jack Pad, AA1 & AA5 W/ main gear strut fairings

Auto Return Safety Wire Pliers T2150 Auto Return Safety Wire Pliers  
Safety Wire T2162 Safety Wire .021" Stainless Steel  
T2161 Safety Wire .032" Stainless Steel  
T2160 Safety Wire .041" Stainless Steel  
Rigging Tool Set W268 Brake Lining Rivet Installation Tool (easy to use for the do-it-yourself owner)  
T2055 Adhesive, 3-M 1357 5 oz tube  
X2073 Sealant, RTV Silicone 10 oz. Caulk Gun Size (So many different uses)  
W212 Tow Bar AA1/AA5 SERIES  
75 RENTAL TOOLS Rigging Tool Set Rental Program These tools require a $600 deposit and must be rented and returned to FletchAir within 6 business days. Deposit refunded upon return.