FletchAir, Inc.
Description Part# Item Desc Price
MIL-H-6000 3/4" Hose, crankcase breather 2 feet required
All AA1 and AA5 series
Complies with SB187.Price is for 2 ft length.
P2041 Oil filter, CH48110 with Threaded stud.All AA1 and AA5 series  
P204 Adapter to accommodate spin-on oil filters.  
  All AA1 and AA5 series. Lycoming type  
10578R Oil cooler, 4 vane for AA1C, AA5, and AA5A  
P5000 Quick drain, oil sump All AA1 and AA5 series  
75944 Thermostatic by-pass valve All AA1 and AA5 series