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Stall Warning Delay

Certain American Aviation aircraft were produced with a stall warning delay device (802034-501) to prevent the stall horn from sounding prematurely during slow flight and in turbulence. The delay was determined unnecessary and discontinued after S/N AA-5A 0055 and AA-5B 0181. This delay could be optionally installed on earlier AA-1 aircraft at the owners discretion using the directions in Grumman American Accessory Kit # AK-123. The drawing was produced in order to design a solid-state stall warning delay to replace the calendar time limited reed switch delay last built in the 70’s.

FletchAir is not willing to assume the liability that producing this part would create. The drawing was a pre-construction draft and was never produced. We do not know or represent that it will work reliably or to the Grumman American drawing specification delay of 0.9 +/- .1 seconds, however it appears to be adjustable.

We have only posted this drawing in order to assist an owner to build his own part under FAR 21.303. Procedures for an owner building his own part for his own airplane is found in FAA orders 8110.42

FletchAir assumes no responsibility for the use of this data.
Use at your own risk!

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